Journey in Lagendia

Hi everyone! I am GM Adriano from Dragon Nest SEA here and this is my blog. You can find the simple guides about the game right here and also some interesting things that happen either in game or in my personal life. Enjoy reading XD
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That warrior sure is lucky

Warrior, Kali, Archer, Sorceress, Academic in modern era fanart by 太子もさ

Boy Warrior

Warrior fanart by 蜂蜜AND蜜蜂

Cleric in a bottle

Cleric fanart by ✿JiE✿

Even Dragon Nest fan artist joined in to draw the recent Anime Art Meme XD

Academic and Alfredo fanart by crimsonalamo

This weekend, when Tokyo was covered in a blanket of snow, news reporters interviewed folks on the street. One awkward interview ended up not only spawning an internet meme, but raising questions of infidelity

Deadliest Warrior

Warrior fanart by modyen

Conqueror of the Cerberus Nest

Mercenary and Cerberus fanart by modyen

Electric Smite!!!

Crusader fanart by crimsonalamo

Love this art style.

Academic and Archer fanart by 店長小軟

Dragon Nest SEA: LVL 70 EX Skills Video The Compilation. Enjoy:)