Journey in Lagendia

Hi everyone! I am GM Adriano from Dragon Nest SEA here and this is my blog. You can find the simple guides about the game right here and also some interesting things that happen either in game or in my personal life. Enjoy reading XD
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Happy Birthday Dragon Nest SEA!!! XD

"You’re next…"

Manticore and warrior fanart by S

Agree?? :D

Warrior:”Urgh… it’s morning already???”

Warrior fanart by ローちゃん

How’s your Christmas this year ?:)

Academic, Warrior, Cleric & Assassin fanart by BLACRIST

May the peace and blessings
of Christmas be yours;
And may the coming year
be filled with happiness.

Merry Christmas 2013!!! XD

DN Fanart by DL

Dragon Nest 

Saint, Soul Dancer, Artillery, Smasher, Gear Master, Gladiator, Inquisitor, Assassin fanart by 貓塔

Dragon Nest

DN Fanart by azugo

Big blue sky. Sora

DN fanart by crimsonalamo

Good Night.

Velskud & Black Dragon fanart by く8