Journey in Lagendia

Hi everyone! I am GM Adriano from Dragon Nest SEA here and this is my blog. You can find the simple guides about the game right here and also some interesting things that happen either in game or in my personal life. Enjoy reading XD
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In case you guys didn’t know yet, since the last SDN patch, we have the Farming features in the game! How cute is that! XD

All you have to do in order to access the farm is to be at at least level 24 and go to Saint Haven. Speak to Irine from there and get the quest as shown above.

2nd go to the server selection screen and select the ‘Farm’ tab.

Once inside the farm, you will meet Farm Manager Morrie. He’s the one in charge here. Talk to him and start on the first lesson on ‘Farming’! :D

In case you guys didn’t know. There is a Trading House and storage in the farm too! 

Once you attained the quest, proceed to the portal. 

Once inside speak to Morrie again to complete your quest and achieve items necessary for farming like the sickle, seeds, and the watering bucket.

Once done, walk into the farmland! Wow when I first got here, it gave me the feeling as if I am playing the console farming game when I am young. Super cool!

Once you have found an empty plot for you to plant your seeds, select it and select the seed you want to plant.

Tadah! Here you go!

For every plant you planted, there will be a harvest and water bar. There is also a countdown menu that’s easier for you to refer.

If you forgot where did you last planted your plant, you can also select ‘Find location’ on the menu on the left of the screen and the map will pop out to show you the way.

The menu on the left will also show the status of your plant if it’s ready to be harvested. Do take note on that.

There are a few simple logo that you need to take note of. For example, if you see the sickle logo, it means that there is a plant there and it’s ready to be harvested.

Once you harvest, the item will go to the Farm storage. Speak to Morrie to access it and take note that every item has an expiry date so do remember to retrieve them before it’s deleted.

Some things to take note

  • You can harvest other’s plants but the item won’t go into your Farm storage.
  • Seeds can be purchased from Morrie.
  • Plant will wither and die if the water bar is 0. So do water them regulary and take note of the water bar.
  • Diff type of seeds will have diff harvesting time and water needed to grow. Do take note as some plants will take hours to grow and some plants consume lesser water than others.

That’s all for today. Hope you guys have a better understanding about farming now. Will continue on fishing tomorrow! Happy Farming! :D

If you guys know about this, you guys are awesome! XD

Just me and GM Timo fighting each other in Ladder Mode PVP XD

I guess many of you guys have tried the new stage at Dark Lair already.

Like what I mention in the past post, Hatred Pirandello is a new stage at Dark Lair channel. All you have to do is to beat rounds and rounds of monsters and make it to the last round which is the 36th round to get an item.

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I don’t know if you know about this but most games in the industry right now have evaluation at the end of the stage. Dragon Nest SEA is no exception, the evaluation of your performance will directly affect the experience and items you will get. As you know, more exp, faster lvling at the same time.

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I know all of the players are very competitive. Players love to go around the town and check on other’s equipment to see and compare which of the equipment is stronger.

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For today I am going teach those players who just started the game on how to access all of your personal character information.

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Hard to find friends to play or party with you in the game? I think having a Guild will help a lot in your case. 

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Wow, today is the first day at work after the long weekend. I’m still kind of in a holiday mood actually, lol. Hope you guys enjoyed your New Year’s celebrations last week. :)

Anyway on new year’s eve, my friends and I went to my colleague’s house to celebrate and count down the new year together.

He gave us a warm welcome over at his place. He was a great host, we felt just at home!

His apartment is beautiful! It’s really neat and tidy I hope I can have an apartment like his too in the future :D

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Day 2: Alienware Arena PVP Tournament Grand Finals

… And it’s off for breakfast!

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