Journey in Lagendia

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Shingeki no Berlin!

Art by Jam D Rohm

Pantsu!~  <3

Berlin, Hound and Archer fanart by 昏睡君

"Uh… Velskud? I can give you my sword if you want… :/"

Awesome Fanart drawn by EX

Hi guys, GM Adriano is not free today so me, Berlin shall continue the blog post for him. :) 

Anyway that right after the trip to Mineski, we went to the SM Mall nearby for dinner with friends. 

Anyone had their dinner in this restaurant before? It’s good you know?

I had a hard time choosing the dishes as all seems very delicious.

Well, in the end I didn’t choose any and leave the decisions to others. Oh ya! I made a new friend the other day. See how small he is. :D

I even lent him my hammer. 

This is him while waiting for his food to come. How cute. :)

Because of my huge size, GM Adriano toss me aside so that I won’t stand in the way. :(

I didn’t manage to had any food but it’s ok. I had to cut down my weight anyway. :P

Went over to Voyager Internet Cafe to see how is the place after that.

Ok, I am really tired already. Gonna sleep now. Good night! Please don’t disturb or I will break all your items. Hiak hiak hiak* Evil grins*