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Hi everyone! I am GM Adriano from Dragon Nest SEA here and this is my blog. You can find the simple guides about the game right here and also some interesting things that happen either in game or in my personal life. Enjoy reading XD
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One of the 150th Mark update, The Occupational War! 


If you guys follow the posts on our facebook page, you guys should notice there’s a new mode for the PVP by now which is called the Occupational War.

In this mode, you will have to fight your enemies and defend the bases you have occupied. This will be repeated till the time is up or your team have accumulated enough points by occupying the bases.

When you got into the game, you will notice these “Icons” appearing on the screen that you have never seen before. The alphabet A,B and C is telling you the location and direction of the bases you have yet occupy. 

The map on the bottom right also show you where the location and the colours will indicate you the information on whether it’s occupied. Red = enemy, blue = your team, and lastly white = unoccupied.

Once you go near one of the bases, a “Torch” icon will appear and left click on it and you will start the process of occupying the base.

Be careful as the process will be disrupted once an enemy attacks you. Hope your ally will be there to cover you while you are doing this.

Once occupied, points will be given every seconds. One point for each base occupied.

There are traps for you to avoid and obstacles for you to destroy in order to reach some of the bases. 

Once the time reached the last one minute of the mode, you will be in “Climax”. In this situation, your respawn time will be reduced and you will gain 2X points every second. This is the crucial time for you to fight back at your enemies and win the game! XD

Defend your base well and cooperate with your team mates while one of you are occupying the base.

The game will end and show you information on how many Bases you have occupied, number of kills and points you got for the game.

That’s all for the brief guide. Enjoy the Occupational War with your friends now! :D

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Anyone seen and tried this before?

Hi guys, finally I am back in Singapore. For those guys who attended MPS last week, there’s a player that mention about Final Damage if you can remember. 

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Went out last weekend with my friends to have a game of Paintball! 

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Wondering how I managed to enhance my weapon to + 13? I’m gonna show you guys what I did to achieve that result.

I’m doing this because I know that a lot of players are experimenting around, trying to find ways and means of better methods to enhance equipment to high levels without the use of protection jellies.

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The magnificient Colosseum from another angle that you’ve never seen before.

Just me and GM Timo fighting each other in Ladder Mode PVP XD

I know Colosseum Channel has been available for sometime now and you guys have been playing in the same old few maps. Well, there’s a new map available now!

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I guess many of you guys have tried the new stage at Dark Lair already.

Like what I mention in the past post, Hatred Pirandello is a new stage at Dark Lair channel. All you have to do is to beat rounds and rounds of monsters and make it to the last round which is the 36th round to get an item.

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