Journey in Lagendia

Hi everyone! I am GM Adriano from Dragon Nest SEA here and this is my blog. You can find the simple guides about the game right here and also some interesting things that happen either in game or in my personal life. Enjoy reading XD
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Good night people!

Warrior in Halloween costume fanart by Tenko

What happened to me after I tried to fight 6 people in PVP myself…

Inquisitor fanart by joscomie

I can feel the Monday blue already…

Archer fanart by TOW@消失

Action packed 60 EX!!! 

I am Dragon Nest Bowmaster.

Fanart by Ziyo

Hot NPC Lindsay! :D

Fanart by nasaru

Prof K Nest Trailer for Level 60 Patch! :D 

GM Adriano wishes a prosperous Happy CNY 2013 to everyone! :D

Fanart by

Another awesome cleric fanart by joscomie