Journey in Lagendia

Hi everyone! I am GM Adriano from Dragon Nest SEA here and this is my blog. You can find the simple guides about the game right here and also some interesting things that happen either in game or in my personal life. Enjoy reading XD
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Congratulations to all the winning teams! You guys have done a good job! XD

Ok, now to the finals of the Alienware PVP Tournament for the Singapore qualifiers.

Team Rocket VS Vaticans! XD

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Remember one week ago I mentioned on the Alienware PVP Tournament SG Qualifiers held at Khakabo? Well, these are some of the photos. :)

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Hello! I’m Hound :) My master, GMAdriano, brought me out to meet his friends today! He always hugs me tightly wherever he goes so I won’t get lost. XD

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Phew! After one morning of work, it’s finally my lunch time. GMLaxus is usually my lunchtime companion and today I’m having Tom Yum dumpling noodles! Errr… Tom-what?!

Basically, it’s a bowl of spicy-sour soup with noodles, hand-made dumplings, veggies, anchovies and fried onions toppings. I loveeee tom yum soup SO MUCH! Quick question to my blog readers: Have you tried tom yum before?

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Putting Dragon Nest aside for today, I travelled to Johor Bahru, Malaysia with my mom over the weekend. My trips to Malaysia are rare even though it’s just beside Singapore :P *Hello to all Malaysia players!*

Sunny day.

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Interesting photos from TGX 2011 to keep you entertained! 

That Hound can’t wait to have a bite of me!

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Yay~ I’m extremely excited today as I’ve got my hands on the Dragon Nest SEA exclusive iPhone 4 casing! 

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Our-ex colleague came to visit and his birthday’s coming soon so we had a mini lunch celebration :D~

We headed to a small restaurant nearby for a sumptuous lunch. Verdict - Not bad at all!

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Have you heard about the upcoming regional tournament yet?

FYI, the tournament will be held ONLINE for Malaysia and the Philippines! (It will be held offline and on-site for the Singapore Qualifiers.) This means that any of you living in these countries can register and join in the competition. It’s so convenient and you can get a chance to win fabulous prizes! 

The Grand Finals will held in Singapore, with transport and accommodation paid for by Shanda Games! Isn’t that great?

Fabulous prizes, free trip to Singapore and great PVP fun. Seriously if I wasn’t a GM, I would join this competition in a heartbeat!

Also, after hearing the feedback from Indonesian players, the organizers have decided to give Indonesia a chance to join in the tournament. If you’re Indonesian, and you want in on the action, make your voice heard by posting here - Show them your passion, show them the teams you formed, and if there’s enough expressed interest, they will open it up to Indonesia as well!

More tournament details here - Keep watching that space, as it’ll constantly be updated with more info over the entire duration of the event! 

Ok, let’s head back to the main topic: more photos from TGX 2011 XD 

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